Department of General Physics 1
St. Petersburg State University Department of Physics


Dear Friends, we are glad to see you on the web-page of our project, the goal of which is to inform you about advances in diverse fields of Modern Optics.

Here you will find video and audio records of lectures delivered by leading experts in fundamental and applied science. We shall be glad to see your comments and questions that can be asked directly on our web-site. Such a feedback is vitally important to us.

We wish to see this project as the community of all those, who is already involved into research or just intend to join the world of modern Photonics, Quantum Optics, Optical Nanotechnologies, Laser Physics, as well as their applications to the Information Technologies, Telecommunications, Biology, Medicine, Material Science, etc.

First of all, our project is aimed at building a bridge between professional scientists on one hand, and young scientists, students and Ph.D. students, on the other hand. To reach this goal we shall constantly expand and renew our didactic and review materials.

Finally, please follow announcements about our events or simply subscribe to our mailing list and thereby get timely information about upcoming lectures, conferences and workshops, and news.