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Nonlinear Photonics 2011


On 24 to 26 of August 2011, International Workshop "Nonlinear Photonics: Theory, Materials, Applications" took place

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Nikolai Rosanov: Parametric Doppler effect for optical waves and pulses

rosanovN.N. Rosanov, A.N. Shatsev, N.V. Vyssotina S.I.

Vavilov State Optical Institute, 199034 Saint-Petersburg, RussiaSaint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics, 197101 Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Considered is interaction of weak probe radiation, in the form of optical waves and pulses, with rapidly moving inhomogeneities induced in a nonlinear medium by strong laser pulses. Demonstrated are different regimes of interaction including reflection of probe radiation and its copropagation in the same direction as the incident radiation.


Yuri Kivshar: Recent advances in nonlinear photonics and plasmonics

Australian National University and St.-Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

We discuss the recent advances in the study of nonlinear effects in photonic structures, metamaterials and plasmonic waveguides. In particular, we analyze a novel type of self-focusing of broad optical beams in waveguide arrays, nanofocusing of light in tapered plasmonic waveguides and generation of plasmon-soliton, and a novel type of magnetoelastic nonlinear response in metamaterials.


Eugene Polzik: Quantum Optical Interface

polzikNiels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

Quantum interfaces capable of transferring quantum states and generating entanglement between fields and matter play a crucial role in the development of quantum information science and technology. Optical fields are natural control and information carrier resources, whereas atomic and solid state devices are natural platforms for processing information and for measurement and sensing fields and forces. In the past few years quantum interfaces between atomic ensembles and optical photons have been extensively developed [1]. I will discuss recent progress with such interfaces as well as an ongoing work on interfacing light with electronic circuits using nanomechanical membranes.